Co-Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

Multilayer Co-Extrusion Material Structure

Extrusion blow molding is one of the most common technologies widely applied in the production of plastic containers for decades. By the requirement from the consumer market, the technology has improved in machinery performance and container structure to overcome the price competition, environmental issues, and logistic challenges.

Atenplast has accumulated over 30 years of experience in the Co-Extrusion Blow molding machine manufacture.

Main technologies on our Co-extrusion Blow Molding Machine

  • A unique design of screw can use regrind co-extruded material into the middle layer
  • Co-extrusion multilayer accumulator head with PWDS (Parison wall distribution System)
  • Piston type power Accumulator
  • Foaming formulation

Our Models

Container < 30L


ECM Series

All electrical continuous model

Small bottles & containers
Jerry cans & handle ware bottles

Container < 60L


HCM Series

Hybrid hydraulic continuous model

Small bottles & containers
Jerry cans & handle ware bottles

Container up to 3000L


HAM Series

Hydraulic Accumulator Head model

Large volume containers
IBC Tank, Chemical drums, water tanks, Road barrier, Plastic pallet, Furniture
Automobile parts.

Key technologies in our blow molding machine

Multilayer Co-Extrusion Material Structure

Compared to the traditional single layer structure, the multilayer structure container has more functional applications. But the most attractive point is, it saves more material cost by reusing lots percentage of regrind material into the middle layer of the container. The container has even better strength, and the same outlook like a single layer container produced from virgin material.


  • Various material formulas can apply in the different layers for the functional purpose
  • Regrind material can be widely used to reduce cost without causing structural problems.
  • The barrier layer is a critical layer of chemical, medical containers.
  • Improve the structural strength.
  • Stabilize the process and improve the efficiency

Common multilayer structure application

Example of 6 layers structure container

Layer 1 (outer): Virgin resin with color masterbatch
Layer 2 : Adhesive material
Layer 3 : Barrier material (Nylon / EVOH)
Layer 4 : Adhesive material
Layer 5 : Regrind material
Layer 6 (inner ) : Virgin Material

# of layerInner layer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Outer layer

VR: Virgin material. Ex: PP/HDPE/LDPE/PETG/PC/ABS
RM: Resin with masterbatch. Ex: Color masterbatch, CaCO3
Barrier : Special material of barrier purpose. Ex: EVOH/NYLON
RGD: Regrind material
AD: Adhensive material

Energy saving system

Energy consumption is a direct factor to the manufacturing cost and product margin. Some customers made the wrong decision of purchasing a machine without considering how important this factor is. Some machine maker doesn't focus on this issue because the solution will increase the machine price and make the sale more difficult. Atenplast knows this factor is one of the keys to success, so we made a lot of effort on the improvement of the energy issue.

Hydraulic power accumulator system


  • Hydraulic power accumulator system with ultra-large capacity cylinder: This system sets on all our hydraulic system. Particular cylinder has four times bigger of capacity than the one in universal power saving system.
  • All-Electrical powered system: Our ECM series which is powered by All-electrical system. It can produce the container up to 30L with a multilayer structure and consumes at least 30% less energy consumption than the traditional hydraulic system.

Extrusion foaming formula

The material is another important issue. With multilayer structure, various formulas can apply in different purpose. The foaming formula is absolutely the new technology and most attractive method for the next generation of the extrusion blow molding process. It will decrease the product weight without reducing the density. And the impact resistance of the container could be even better.

Compare our table by choosing your bottle volume to know how much cost you can save on production efficiency by using our ECM & HCM series.











  • 2L (90g)

    2LECM series - 3335HCM seriesOther brand
    Average cycle time (sec)242730
    Monthly capacity (mold)900008000075000
    Energy consumption (kW)151820
    Energy cost (USD/per mold)0,0060,0080,010
    Labor cost (USD/per mold)0,0200,0230,024
    Production cost (USD/per mold)0,0260,0310,034
    Efficient30% more than other brand10% more than other brand
    Production saving (USD/1 million molds)USD7,600 every million productionUSD3,000 every million production
  • 3L (150g)

    3LECM seriesHCM seriesOther brand
    Average cycle time (sec)303540
    Monthly capacity (mold)720006200055000
    Energy consumption (kW)151820
    Energy cost (USD/per mold)0,0080,01020
    Labor cost (USD/per mold)0,0250,0290,033
    Production cost (USD/per mold)0,0330,0390,046
    Efficient41% more than other brand16% more than other brand
    Production saving (USD/1 million molds)USD13,381 every million productionUSD6,334 every million production
  • 5L (210g)

    5LECM seriesHCM seriesOther brand
    Average cycle time (sec)354044
    Monthly capacity (mold)617155400050000
    Energy consumption (kW)202630
    Energy cost (USD/per mold)0,0120,0170,022
    Labor cost (USD/per mold)0,0290,0330,036
    Production cost (USD/per mold)0,0410,0510,058
    Efficient41% more than other brand14% more than other brand
    Production saving (USD/1 million molds)USD16,767 every million productionUSD6,933 every million production
  • 10L (500g)

    10LECM seriesHCM seriesOther brand
    Average cycle time (sec)404548
    Monthly capacity (mold)540004800045000
    Energy consumption (kW)253035
    Energy cost (USD/per mold)0,0170,0230,028
    Labor cost (USD/per mold)0,0330,0380,040
    Production cost (USD/per mold)0,0500,0600,068
    Efficient36% more than other brand13% more than other brand
    Production saving (USD/1 million molds)USD18,000 every million productionUSD8,000 every million production
  • 30L (2000g)

    30LECM seriesHCM seriesOther brand
    Average cycle time (sec)505564
    Monthly capacity (mold)432003927534000
    Energy consumption (kW)323840
    Energy cost (USD/per mold)0,0270,0350,042
    Labor cost (USD/per mold)0,0420,0460,053
    Production cost (USD/per mold)0,0680,0810,095
    Efficient40% more than other brand18% more than other brand
    Production saving (USD/1 million molds)USD26,961 every million productionUSD14,632 every million production

- Average cycle time is calculated by the container weigh which is based on the experience of Atenplast without post cooling device.
- The table is considered the situation under single cavity per mold. Multi-cavities could make the difference larger.
- Monthly production is considered with 600 hours continual production
- Electricity cost is considered as USD0.06/kWh, which is average industrial electricity cost of 2017 in USA
- Labor cost is considered as USD600/month with 3 shifts for 600 hours production.
- The material cost is not considered in order to focus on the performance and efficiency of the machine.