Close Loop pallet lease

Apart from the one-way logistic pallet, it exists another application which those pallets are only for moved inside or certain fixed logistic centers of the company. It is also called Close Loop Pallet.

A close Loop pallet is always required to have a longer life cycle to avoid the trouble of repair or scrap. Wood pallets might be considered an economical option for the lower purchase price. That is because that buyer ignores the invisible factor like life cycle and maintenance cost. If you calculate all the costs in the long term, a plastic pallet is a better option for the closed-loop system.

Plastic pallet is cheaper than wood pallet for long term usage consideration, but we do understand it is a substantial expense in the short term cash flow. Instead of buying it for the closed-loop system, now you have another option.

The reason to lease plastic pallet

Cash flow

We know that most of the people think a wood pallet is a cheaper option without knowing the invisible cost like maintenance and short life cycle.
In the other hand, we do understand the investment of plastic pallet is substantial for the company in the short term even though customer knows the advantages that come from the plastic pallet.
Instead of buying pallets as an asset, now we offer you a close loop lease option of our plastic pallet. Enjoy the advantages of our reusable & repairable plastic pallet without having pressure on short term cash flow.


Damage & Maintenance

Our unique repairable plastic pallet has more impact resistance than wood pallets and other plastic pallets; it is hard to get damaged. Also, the repairable design can extend the life of the pallet infinitely.

When you lease our plastic pallets, leave maintenance problems on us. Your company does not need to have extra labor cost especially on repairing pallets. Leave that problem to us, and we take care of having the pallets in optimal conditions at all times.


Your company will comply with sanitary regulations by using our plastic pallet.
It is 100% washable and avoids being a focus of bacteria or microorganisms.



Available lease model

  • BN-9H-1012
    size: 40" x 48" (1000 x 1200 mm)
    dynamic loading: 2640 - 3300lb.
    weight: 18.7 - 22lb.
forklift 4 ways pallet jack 4 ways
max. 2650 lb
  • RP-6BS-1012
    size: 40" x 48" (1000 x 1200 mm)
    dynamic loading: 4400lb.
    weight: 43lb.
  • forklift 4 ways pallet jack 4 ways
    2650-4400 lb
  • RP-9IF-1012
    size: 40" x 48" (1000 x 1200 mm)
    dynamic loading: 4400lb.
    weight: 25lb.
  • forklift 4 ways pallet jack 4 ways
    2650-4400 lb