Which pallets do you prefer ?

Pallets play an essential role throughout the logistics process, beginning from the inside of warehouses to retailers. Despite their significance in everyday business, most companies are unaware of the different variations that exist for pallets. Many assume that wooden pallets are the only alternative. Most companies are uninformed of the long-term benefits that come with switching to plastic pallets.

The long-term benefits of plastic pallets far override the short-term interests of wooden ones. Switching from wood to plastic eliminates intangible costs such as maintenance and waste disposal fees. Wood pallets wear out faster than plastic pallets, and so they must be regularly replaced and thrown out. They are also less hygienic than their plastic counterparts.
Plastic pallets are also beneficial to the environment. The material is 100% recyclable. The longer service time means a reduced need to purchase new pallets, and countless trees saved in the process.


Plastic pallet

· Longer life cycle
· Lighter weight
· No metal nail and splinters
· Hygiene
· Washable
· Nestable


Wood pallet

· Short life cycle
· Heavier weight
· Metal nail and splinters
· Easily breed for bacteria and mold
· Unable to wash
· Un-nestable

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Advantages of our reusable & repairable Blow Molded Plastic Pallet